Targeted communication with every customer

Create laser-focused customer segments and deliver personalized experiences at the perfect moment.

Your Secret Weapon for Hyper-Personalized Customer Communication.

Boost Conversions & Engagement

User Signal

E.g. “[email protected]” may trigger:

Account Created, Started Project, Began Free Trial, Free Trial Expired, Collaborated with Team, Expressed Purchase Interest, Picked Pricing Plan, Upgraded to Paid, Started Onboarding, Finished Step 1, Finished Onboarding…

Triggered Response

Send email with coupon to extend trial if user started trial 1 month ago and never used your app but now came back to try it.

Send welcome email after registration and send follow ups with learning material based on actions user did on app.

Converted User

Deeper connection with user – higher conversion rates.

Hyper-Personalized communication is key to create connection with your user.

Oisie Delivers User Behavior-Based Segmentation & Powerful Flows.

Provide to user what’s needed exactly when needed. Every time.